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You don't want to use a stiff "cue stick" that is too stiff to see the lure action. On the other hand, you don't want to use a limber kokanee rod that is too limp to fight a big striper. The Mark Wilson Lamiglas model XCC795STRIPER was custom designed by delta trolling guru Mark Wilson. Spring Trophy Striper Trolling Spreads. Some people enjoy light tackle jigging for stripers and others like to try chumming, but as a general rule of thumb, most spring trophy seasons trolling will be the number-one most effective way to catch the highest number of fish.

Trolling for striped bass wasn’t always fun. In fact it was boring. I hated waiting for a striper to bite. Once I understood how and why I was catching these stripers, it wasn’t just fishing anymore it became a hunt. Striped Bass Trolling Spreads By Capt. Ken Lahr, Reel Draggin' Tackle Its no secret when it comes to trolling for Striped Bass Rock Fish Umbrella Parachute rigs, Daisy Chains, Tandem Parachute rigs and solo Parachutes rule. They account for more fish brought over the rail than any other set of lures, that's a. Download PDF Rigging Guide. RIGGING GUIDES & HOW-TO STRIPER. Where To Fish. Stripers are found in coastal waters and rivers, and coastal reservoirs. They roam in open water schools constantly pursuing baitfish. Good locations include rip tide areas, sand flats and land points. When To Fish. 02/04/2015 · When you are using braided line for your main line, how long of a mono leader do you use when trolling? I would guess the length can affect the action of t.

hungry striper. We begin by trolling @ 2 MPH in 3'-7' of water slowly letting out line containing a tube n' worm rig, palming the reel once in a while in order to keep the line perfectly taught as it lets out. When the rig can be felt bouncing off of the bottom, reel in 1 or two turns, to keep the rig just off bottom. This rig requires patience. Tandem Rockfish Trolling Rig We Suggest Two 100lb Leaders: First ranging from 4ft – 10ft an 8 foot 100lb leader is suggested. Second ranging from 10ft – 20ft an 18 foot 100lb leader is suggested. The Setup. The short leader will ALWAYS have the heavier larger bait. The longer leader will ALWAYS have the smaller, lighter bait.

Trolling also takes lures deep—down in the 15- to 40-foot range where most stripers hang out for the bulk of the year. Guide Dale Wilson with a nice striper caught in winter on Virginia’s Smith Mountain Lake. Trolling doesn’t require expensive equipment. One item that is crucial, though, is a good depth finder. Get the best one you can. 28/04/2004 · Re: striper fishing setup. This depends on how you want to fish for them.Off of Montauk you can fish a few different ways depending on what time of year it is.I have two set ups that I use.The first is with wire line for trolling with parachutes.Penn senator4 reel with a senator pole.You dont need the senator pole but I got a great deal so I. 28/07/2013 · Any suggestions on trolling rods/line weight for stripers ? I've caught a few here and there with my LM bass rods and set up. I'm just curious what most people are using for line weight. I am thinking 20 lb braid should do, but I know there can during fall and spring be pretty hefty ones out there too. My rods so far are the usual 7 ft. medium. Lures For Striped Bass Fishing; Striper Books;. Examples of trolling lures for striped bass fishing are shown below. Deep Diving Swimmers. Good examples of deep diving trolling plugs are the Mann's Stretch series. The Stretch 25 is 8 inches long, weighs 2 ounces and will dive to 25 feet.

6 Line Trolling Set Up - Single Lure Way Back In the illustration of the boat spread to the right, we have an example of a classic Spring trophy season trolling spread for Rockfish / Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay. This is a 6 rod spread without planers or outriggers. We run the lines as follows: Umbrella rigs on the 2 outside lines. Now that we have covered rods, reels, line choices, and how to setup a Striper trolling rig, the next step is lure selections. There are many minnow imitation lures out there, so the lures that are mentioned in this section are just personal preference.

Striper Trolling Set-up - Chesapeake Bay Fishing.

Captain James Netzel of Tightlines Guide Service is one of the premier trolling experts in the Sacramento Area. As a special for Fish Sniffer Readers, we spoke with Captain James as he was gearing up for the fall striped bass run. As usual, he was more than happy to pass on a few tips and discuss the details behind his striper trolling setup. Rod. Click Here for The Striper Forums Rockfish, Striper, Linesider fishing report. A fishing site dedicated to your favorite fish, the Striped BassAll Stripers All The Time!! SELECTION OF A ROD FOR STRIPER FISHING. Striper world record holder Al Mcreynolds with his son Al Jr. holiding his custom lamiglas fishing rod. Building a Wire-Line Trolling Setup. December 15, 2017. Share on. Say what you will about wire-lining, but it remains one of the most effective ways of targeting deep-holding striped bass and bluefish. No wonder it’s the bread-and-butter method of so many Northeast charter skippers! Trolling for Stripers in fresh water lakes and rivers is a tried and true way is to catch fish. While there are different techniques using downriggers and Umbrella Rigs. In the below method we will focus on using live bait and your electric trolling motor to stay green.

One of the easiest ways to catch a cow striper is to troll the tube and worm. Learn 10 tips that'll help you fool a big bass this season on the tube. Chesapeake Bay Tackle Kits, Rockfish Tackle, Striped Bass trolling kits. 12/12/2019 · Striper Fishing: The striped bass is by far one of the most elite gamefish in the world. They are tough, fast, and elusive fish that give anglers a huge thrill from the moment the fish hooks on. Anglers travel from all over the country to find the best striper fis. 29/11/2017 · There are a variety of methods that make trolling below surface or near surface depths possible without the use of downriggers or planers. Anglers are able to accomplish this, in descending order of effectiveness with wireline, leadcore, braided gelspun line, Dacron, and monofilament. Trolling for Big Stripers. Even the swimming lures used are keeper-size. By Alan Clemmons. September 18, 2007. Read Comments. Latest. Gear. The Best Quality Optics To Buy When You’re On a Budget. Hunting. Why Post-Rut is the New Best Time To Hunt Whitetails. Hunting.

Captain Jeff Eichler's Summer / Early Fall Striper Trolling Set Up - Spoons and Hoses Captain Jeff fishes out of Kentmorr Marina on Kent Island, so you'll often find him trolling the areas of the Bay Bridges, Thomas Point and Bloody Point. During the summer months, he'll troll a spread as we sketched it out here, mixing up spoons and hoses. Rods.

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